4-Point Inspections

In the state of Florida, homes over 25 years of age are viewed as more of a risk to insurance companies.  They will require that the homeowner or buyer have a 4-point inspection done so the insurance company can give them an up-to-date policy.  This will determine the client’s eligibility for discounts that reflect the compliance of the home with the company’s criteria.

The 4 sections of the inspection are roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

In the roof portion of the inspection the inspector will take pictures of each side and slope of the dwelling from ground level.  The inspector may ask the homeowner for paperwork for the roof and can also look up the permit to confirm the age and material of the roof’s components.  The inspector is also required to report the estimated remaining life of the roof based on their professional opinion.  Any permitted repairs or re-roofing will be reported as well as the date of completion.

In the electrical portion of the inspection the inspector will open the panels and report the brand, model and age of the panel, amperage, type of wiring, and report on any hazards that may be present at the time of the inspection.

In the plumbing portion of the inspection the inspector will report on the age of the piping in the home, if it is original to the home or was ever re-piped, and the type of piping that is used in the home.  The inspector will report on and take pictures of the condition of all plumbing fixtures.  If present, the inspector will report on the condition of the following:  refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, washing machines, sump pumps, water heater and main shut off valve.  The inspector will confirm that the water heater has a (TPR) temperature relief valve and will also report the location of the water heater.  Any leaks should be photographed and included in the report.

In the HVAC portion of the inspection the inspector will determine the type of air conditioning and heating system that is used in the home.  They will report on the age and the last date of service for the HVAC components.  Any visible leaks, blockages or water damage in or around the air handler drain line will be reported.  They will take photos of the components and report any space heaters that are a main source of heat or coal burning furnaces that are not professionally installed.

4-point inspections are not an equivalent to a residential home inspection and are for insurance purposes only.

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