Insurance Inspections

In the state of Florida homeowners are not required to carry homeowner’s insurance, but due to the storms that the state encounters almost yearly, most mortgage lenders will make it mandatory.  For the insurance company to cover a home, they will need a 4-point and/or a wind mitigation inspection performed by a licensed home inspector so they will know for what discounts the home qualifies.

Insurance inspections are noninvasive inspections that typically take about 30 minutes to perform respectively.

In a wind mitigation inspection, the inspector will report on the roof geometry, looking to determine if the roof is a hip roof.  If the gables add up to more than 10% of the roof's total perimeter, it is a not a hip roof.  The inspector will report on the protection used on all doors, windows and openings.  They will also report on the wind rating of the doors and windows (including garage).  The inspector may ask the homeowner for paperwork to confirm the rating and installation date.  The inspector will report on the roof to wall connections to the framing located in the attic to confirm the amount and type of nails, clips and/or straps used to secure the deck of the roof and the wall to the roof.  The inspector will determine whether a (SWR) secondary water resistance barrier was used underneath the roof materials.  The inspector will confirm the length of the nails used to secure the deck, as well as if the spacing the nails meets the requirements for a discount.

They will also be inspecting the electrical panel and reporting the panel’s, age, brand and model.  There are certain brands that insurance companies will not insure anymore.  In this event a new panel will be needed before the insurance company will approve coverage.

In the 4-point inspections the inspector will also report on the age and type of piping used for the plumbing, as well as the location and age of the water heater and main shut off valve.

The roof will be inspected for approximate remaining age of life and to confirm the material used.  The inspector may ask for paperwork to confirm any repairs or reroofing that may have been completed.  The HVAC system will be reported on including the age of the condenser and air handler, the type of heating used and whether there are any standalone sources of heat used as the primary heating source.

Insurance inspections are not residential home inspections and are for insurance purposes only.

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