Wind Mitigation Inspections

Hurricanes are a yearly problem in Florida and that is something that will probably never change.  The billions of dollars these storms cost in damage to infrastructure and construction alone means insurance companies must ensure homes have the proper roof attachments and fasteners that meet the local code, as well as hurricane rated doors and windows, before giving discounts.  In 2006, Citizens insurance, one of the largest property insurers in Florida, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance.  Others took similar actions.  As a result, wind mitigation inspections are now mandatory for insurance companies.

On a wind mitigation inspection, the inspector is required to check a representative number of doors and windows for labels or stickers identifying them as rated to withstand a specified wind strength and weight of missile debris impacts.  They will take clear photos to confirm the findings to the insurance company in the report.  The inspector may ask the homeowner for paperwork from the manufacturer to confirm its rating.  The two ratings found are HVHZ and Miami-Dade approved.  Miami-Dade area has its own rating because its location makes it more susceptible to receive the strongest part of a storm and raises the probability and frequency of direct impact.  The rest of Florida uses the HVHZ rating.

Other things the inspector will report on:  garage doors (if they have any glazed openings/windows) their wind rating and opening protection as well as that of the windows and doors, roof covering materials, roof shape or geometry, roof deck attachment (checks where and what fasteners and clips are used to secure to the framing), roof-to-wall connections (checks for fasteners and clips), and (if present) secondary water resistance (layer that acts as water barrier and protects home if shingles are blown off).  To get the roof geometry the inspector will measure the perimeter of the roof, adding the gables lengths onto the total.  If the gables add up to more than 10% of the roofs total perimeter than the roof is considered a non-hip roof and will not qualify to receive an additional hip roof discount.

The inspector may use a nail finder to test a representative area and confirm proper spacing between the nails on the roof deck attachment.  They will also photograph and document the length of any shiners (missed nails) to confirm that the proper fasteners were used to attach the roof deck.

Wind mitigation inspections are commonly performed on homes not in the process of a sale, to secure or renew an insurance policy.  A wind mitigation inspection is not a residential home inspection and is for insurance purposes only.

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